東南アジアの言語・文化を理解しつつ、日本語教育を担う教員をはじめとした、 日本語や英語を駆使し東南アジアと日本の橋渡しができる幅広い人財の育成を目指します。日本語教育系コースはタイ・チュラーロンコーン大学と提携しており、一学期間の交換留学を行っています。 詳細ページはこちら


ナッタパン ジャリヤーウィクン

I came from Thailand as exchange student at Hiroshima University for short term program (1 semester). Hiroshima University has many facilities to support students very well. Hiroshima University provides students very intensive curriculums. I suggest that students should seriously spend this opportunity to study hard so it will be very good chance to improve your Japanese skill.

2年 ナッタパン ジャリヤーウィクン(2014年7月現在)


私は研究で行き詰まることが何回もありましたが、担当の先生だけではなく、他の授業の先生たちや、優しいスタッフさんたちも、私のことをいつも見守ってくださり、 有益な知識やアドバイスをいただくことができました。皆さんにいつも支えていただいたおかげで、アカデミック的にも精神的にも成長できたと感じています。 また、「リズミック」というダンスサークルに入り、忘れられない仲間ができました。サークルのみんなで練習したり、話したり、遊んだりして、一つの大切なことに気づきました。それは、異文化であっても、心を開いたらみんながいい友達を見つけられるということです。広大に留学して本当によかったです。

4年 ニパット ジャルポンピスット(2016年1月現在)


Living abroad by yourself is challenging but this does not apply for AIMS program. I feel like I have been taken care of all the time since the very first until the very last day. The Japanese people that I have met at Hiroshima University including the staff members, professors and friends took me in as one of their own. My Japanese buddy became one of my life-long friends who we keep in touch after the program has ended. My 4-month adventure in Saijo could not have been experienced elsewhere. I joined Iaido club which was one of my childhood dreams that I finally got to swing a sword and disguised myself in a Bushido fighter costume. I dared to expose myself with the Japanese culture that many people have said it was difficult to break through the cultural barrier. I have proven them wrong that Japanese are friendly and open-minded if you have proven to them that you are willing to participate and work hard. AIMS program has really changed my life forever. I decided to further pursue my Master’s degree career in Japan because of the program.

4年 パポーン ワティグライグリアン(2016年1月現在)


I was an exchange student at the School of Education, Hiroshima University from April - August 2016. I had an amazing time studying, visiting places and making new friends. I learned so much from Hotta-sensei about Japanese cultures and issues. Not only studying in the classroom, but also we got many chances to visit Japanese companies and organizations. For his class, we went to NHK in Hiroshima city, for example, and I really like this company and their contributions to Japan and Hiroshima. For our Japanese craft history class, we got a chance to do so many things like attending tea ceremony and making tatami. It was very fun and interesting as it was a new experience for all of us. For our Asian History class, we went to Iwami Silver mine and we tried onsen. It was also an amazing and memorable experience. We were so happy and grateful to be able to visit so many places during our time in Japan. Finally, I was able to make so many amazing friends and have one of the best advisors, Chika Miura, to support me through my semester in Hiroshima. I appreciate it.ありがとうございました!

3年 カシヤ ピンシューナート(2017年2月現在)



4年 リンラダー ワイヤウォン(2017年2月現在)